Vicomte A. is a French brand created by two brothers, Arthur and Bertrand de Soultrait, in 2005. Arthur was spending a semester abroad as an intern when the company that he was working for declared bankruptcy. To make ends meet, he decided to start selling door-to-door a collection of neckties that he had purchase in Italy. Success came quickly: in one evening he earned enough to pay for a hotel room and a plane ticket back to France. The concept continued to develop and he won his first contract to make ties for the French Paris 2012 delegation as they competed to host the Olympics Games.

Thus was born Vicomte A., whose name is a sly nod to the aristocratic lifestyle infused with a touch of humour. Together with his brother Bertrand, the co-founders break fashion rules, add a dose of colour to traditional luxury and reinvent the classic. The brand is based on a resolutely chic yet playful aristocratic aesthetic. With a full product line, it dresses modern consumers from head to toe with elegance and a bit of rebellious spark. Vicomte A. is also dedicated to sponsoring the most prestigious sporting events ranging from polo and golf to sailing and tennis.

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