The STANDARD DENIM SUPPLY CO. is a store for anyone who loves denim, aficionado or not, and can appreciate how jeans uniquely improve with age, taking on the personality of the owner. We hope to bring in an unrivaled selection of our favorite classic and contemporary denim brands, in addition to timeless basics and accessories that complement them perfectly.

Originally opened with great success as the only mulitbrand ‘shop-in-shop’ inside The Goods Department, we are now proud to present the opening of our first stand-alone Standard Denim Supply Co. in Plaza Senayan this December.

The new store will have a contemporary design inspired by the American heritage and industrial roots of denim and its original wearers. In addition to a frontage reminiscent of old factory stores, the interior will use dark blues, solid woods and oxidized metal to accentuate the classic feel. We want our guests to be able to smell, touch, and almost taste the denim in the air. In addition we will be adding an in-store alteration and repair service to ensure that all denim bought not only fits perfectly, but keeps going as long as you do…

Standard Denim Supply Co. is an official partner of all the denim brands that carry, with some being exclusive to us in Indonesia, and many providing us with exclusive special edition pieces or collections. Initial brands include; Nudie, Ksubi, Cheap Monday, Imperial, The Flat Head, Dr.Denim, Lee “101”, Wrangler “Blue Bell”, No Mas, Super, Dickies and more…

NUDIE Nudie jeans have been a collector’s favorite almost since they debuted in 2001. Made of the best Italian, Turkish, American and Japanese denim qualities with the full collection including Dry Selvage & Selvage Lab, denim jackets, limited edition accessories in selvedge denim, and all the popular fits including Slim Jim, Thin Finn, High Kai. Nudie Jeans were designed for people who love jeans as a passion and mourn a pair of worn out jeans as they would a friend. The longer you wear them, the more character and attitude they get.

WRANGLER BLUE BELL The pinnacle of Wrangler offerings, the special ‘heritage’ Blue Bell collection showcases unrivaled quality. The collection is all proudly “Made in USA”: all denim manufactured in the U.S., giving garments the authority and magic of the original Blue Bell pieces first started in the early 1900’s.

KSUBI Ksubi is Australia’s favorite fashion denim collective, full of attitude and true to their origins. With amazing modern cuts and crazy unique washes, their collection never fails to astound.

DR. DENIM Dr Denim was founded by the Graah brothers from Göteburg, Sweeden in 2004, after falling in love with the smells, the tempo and all the beauty of the denim factory. Now with jeans still at its core, the design philosophy is to create pieces that can be worn at any time. Dr Denim sees the world through fashionably geeky eyes, creating a contemporary interpretation of denim and wearable classic looks with a modern twist.

LEE 101 “Born out of a quest for premium quality and a smarter fit. Endured over a century of history. An icon for decades to come. Enjoy the fruit of our efforts.” – H.D. Lee. Taking its name from the lot number where cowboy pants were shipped and stored – 101 is the origin of Lee premium denim with many of the vintage reproduction carefully produced in Japan. In 2011, Lee re-launches 101, drawing inspiration from classic denim archives and an array of premium selvedge washes including chambray, mid blues and dark rinses with the original and highly sought Lee 101 Logger reborn for appreciative collectors.

CHEAP MONDAY Created in March 2004 when the tight denim with the characteristic skull logo first hit the market. In 2000 Örjan Andersson, the founder, felt the need for affordable but fashionable jeans. With that, the first Cheap Monday style ‘Tight’ was born, an unwashed, ultra tight fitted stretch denim jean for a shockingly reasonable price that proved to be an immediate success. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, with a full fashion collection every season that still adheres to their core belief in value.

NO MAS The epitome of New York City Sport and Culture since 2004. With the motto “The Thrill of Victory, The Ecstasy of Defeat”, No Mas has rapidly become well-loved for its beautifully soft reproduction and vintage-inspired clothing, including collaborations with Everlast and icons like Mohammad Ali.

DICKIES Created in 1922 by US born Williamson-Dickie, the number one manufacturer of work apparel worldwide offers timeless and hard-wearing garments with classic cuts and materials. Some things never need to change.