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Sissae proudly presents “Day dreaming” collections for its Spring Summer 2016 range, debut at the Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week.

poster 08We continues to prove our existence to society by providing the best products and quality with unique design and exquisite signature hand embroidery details to meet the needs of women’s fashion.
As the name implies, this collection reflects the beauty of these Day dreaming through the signature handmade embroidery that appear on some of the collections. Also, the elegance of the beautiful petals is also enhanced by the presence of natural shades. This collection presents basic colors such as black, silver, and white that conveys timeless and classic design.

The various thread colors on the embroidery such as blue, pink, and gold adds a sophisticated details towards the clothing. Adorned with the gorgeous fabric and delicate embelishment gives a touch of elegance for women.
Sissae’s Spring Summer 2016 Collection is also available now in Galeries Lafayette, 1st Floor, Pacific Place Jakarta.

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