Silvian Heach is a pure balance between tradition and modernity, professionalism and originality, thanks to the constant stylistic research of a young team of highly skilled fashion oriented people,who day by day bring us brilliant results, trough unconventional fashion. Every single garment tells many different stories about the woman world,revealing elegance, charm, and determination. Fashion Collections, characterised by careful selection of details and high stylistic content, communicate emotion and cosmopolitan inspiration. Silvian Heach woman loves good taste, simplicity combined with a strong passion for lines and refined details, glamorous collections with a good value for money, dedicated to young women aged between 15 and 35 years.Silvian Heach brand express the desire to be free, to play and to have fun with fashion in every situation, in the workplace, during the afternoons, or shopping with friends. Our brand suits the most elegant evenings and informal events, offering combinations and overlays look according to latest trends. Silvian Heach’s woman loves to follow trends and reinterpret them with spontaneity. She knows the basic rules of fashion and has a special attitude in choosing the outfits that best suit her personality creating outftits that flatters and emphasize woman’s style.