Booster with Vitamin C

Booster with Vitamine C
It THE star vitamin, 200 times more concentrated in the skin than the vitamin A, 40 times more present than the vitamin E, the Vitamin C is probably one of the most essential element for our skin health. It is a real shield that stops daily attacks: Vitamin C is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, hypoallergenic…
And then it is the drama: around 25 millions years, the man has lost its capacity to synthesize Vitamin C. And the modern world does not give so much help in the search of this precious substance: food denaturing (cooking…) not to mention the tobacco, stress, pollution and even birth control pill (!) which decrease the Vitamin C rate. The diagnosis is irrevocable. The advice is obvious… fibroblast, collagen.. they are all daily activated by the Vitamin C.

Dose a knob (according to needs) then spread the Booster on the face, neck and neckline. This Booster can be applied in the morning and/or at night alone without other care after, before your day / night cream or mixed with your day or night cream.  You can apply it right after your make-up!
Scientific studies are positive! Vitamin C can be applied on the skin before, during and after sun exposure! It reduces sunburns, UV oxidization and compensates cutaneous Vitamin C destruction by the sun. For a sun exposure lasting more than 20 minutes a day, a non-chemical SPF is strongly advised.

The Peeling Night Cream

Novexpert Peeling Night CreamIn cosmetic, the “new skin” effect, a smooth and soft skin, is particularly appreciated by users. Novexpert research offers to go deeper in night renovating treatments.
CHRONO-PEELING “DOUBLE SPEED” ==> Fast peeling with papaya extract and glycolic AHA ==> Progressive peeling with PHA and AHC.
3D PEELING to act on all skin layers ==> On surface peeling with PHA and papaya extract ==> In depth peeling with AHC and AHA glycolic AHA.
PHA*: very soft fruits acidacid also called gluconolactone.
AHC*: lactic acid grafted on arginine for a progressive release.

Apply small dabs to the entire thoroughly cleansed face, avoiding the eye contour sides of the nose. Massage into skin, using circular upward strokes.nOnly a small amount of products is needed. Use every evening as an intensive 1 month treatment, or every over evening as an intensive 2 to 3 months treatment.
Peeling Night Cream is a powerful skin renewal program, we recommend that you discontinue use for 1 month minimum between each intensive treatment. For highly reactive skin, do not apply Peeling Night Cream immediatly after Expert Exfoliator.
We recommend you to wait for 12 hours between using the 2 products. In case of sun exposure, avoid using Night Peeling Cream. After intensive or prolonged (several days) sun exposure, do not apply Night Peeling Cream for 2 weeks.

Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

BOOSTER-HYALURONIQUE-HDDuring a hyaluronic acid injection, a dermatologist had the idea of taking a small quantity of the syringe’s contents to apply it on the skin before and after the injection. Then, the dermatologist gave the patient an injection capsule to apply on the skin to pursue the treatment at home. After 24 months test in a office practice, the Booster Serum was born, thanks to the amazing intuition of a dermatologist.
Apply everyday 2 to 6 drops of the Booster Serum Booster to counterbalance the hyaluronic acid loss, the real mattress of the skin. Spread this serum on the face, neck and/or the cleavage. Apply in the morning and/ or the evening.
This Booster Serum can be applied alone without any other care, before applying your cream and/or mixed with your cream.
Do not wait between the application and the make-up. Does not fluff.

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