KYRA is an international luxurious leather brand which focuses on manufacturing high-end genuine exotic leather accessories. From choosing the best quality leathers, iconic model designing, to fancy finishing touches, KYRA brings out the true elegance of exotic leathers from python, crocodile, and lizards to their best.

Since 1985, KYRA’s manufacturer has been producing high-end designs and fine quality products and setting up a good reputation among leather goods lovers in fashion market.



The signature of KYRA, is contemporary style with unique character, KYRA’s fresh design, mixtured with the glamour and elegant exotic skin, and decorated with high quality accessories engraved KYRA name and logo, which makes it’s distinguish from another leather brands.

KYRA’s design far from ethnic-traditional impression, specially designed for modern and classy high-end society lifestyle.

The products can be carried from casual to formal, day to night, and work to weekend.




Shahira, first time debuted her fashion brand, KYRA, when she was 18 years old, on March 2013. Starting her brand from becoming a graphic designer, Shahira decided to learn and becoming a fancy fashion designer.

Her collaboration with CV CARDINA, which has good reputation among the exotic leather lovers since 1985, this young designer had create a unique brand new leather brand that has an international quality standard.

As a young designer, Shahira designs symbolize a fresh and freedom to explore with fancy touches to every detail products she made. Her design is timeless, so the product can be carried from day to night, work to weekend, casual to formal.



Leathers that are produced for KYRA products, were made from high selected ones. Since we have our own leather manufacturer, we can create many variety of leather finishing, which is specially made for KYRA brand that unable to be found in any other exotic leather brands.

The leathers are legal and certified. Since 1985 we already exported leathers to worldwide, using CITES. We also join AIRAI, a reptile leather association, that make us detected as one of reptile leather company in Indonesia.