Bruun and Stengade


Established in the beginning of 2004, the Danish fashion house Bruun & Stengade can look back on a very successful and exciting decade, where continuous and powerful brand development has played a major part. What started out as a small national firm, has now grown into a recognized international clothing brand known for its attention to detail and ongoing creativity.


With an open and innovative mindset, we constantly keep pushing the limits of what’s possible in blending the formal yet casual looks with high quality craftsmanship and affordability at the same time. Every collection balances comfort with luxury, and is all about feeling good in what you wear while standing out from the crowd.

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Bruun & Stengade is currently one of the fastest growing labels in Denmark, but besides our home market, Bruun & Stengade is sold in over 20 countries and can be found at some of the most exclusive retailers and department stores around the entire world.