Gentlemen Is You Icon : Daniel Mananta

What makes an icon? It’s said that in order to be iconic there should have been something tangible that happened in your life that made such a difference that it changed the way things were done. In Daniel’s case, all he needed to do was be himself. 
He made history by putting himself out there to be the first Chinese VJ in Indonesia for MTV. With his quirky wit, he became the one that everyone had to have. He aimed to be more than just a VJ and MC and within 10 years won the Panasonic Gobel Award for Best Talent Show Presenter. Going on to host Indonesian Idol, The Voice and Miss World 2013 as well!
Part of what makes Daniel authentic is that he always portrays himself as who he is, wild and a bit crazy with his own self enhanced style. Pulling inspiration from that, he created the iconic DAMN! I love Indonesia brand which has taken the street wear in this country by storm, and made something unique that portrays the legacy of Indonesia through fashion. 
After all these achievements, he’s able to make a difference by helping others. One of his dreams is to build a better Indonesia. With the help of Habitat for Humanity he is seeing that come to fruition by reaching out to those families in crisis who need a decent place to live, and pulling the community together to better their lives by building them new affordable homes in order for them to sustain a better life.
By sharing his story he hopes to inspire all generations that they’ve been gifted with a beautiful life…but what they do with it will determine their story.