BRAVO MADAME! – Women of Influence Press Conference


It is with great honor that Galeries Lafayette Pacific Place held a Press Conference as the opening of BRAVO MADAME! – Women of Influence yesterday. The Press Conference was the introduction of the collaboration that supports Women in Indonesia as well as Indonesia’s cultures and diversity.

Galeries Lafayette and Women of Influence made an extraordinary breakthrough, by launching the partnership where Galeries Lafayette as the new platform destination to promote the creation of Indonesian women and to give inspiration to Indonesian people to be proud, continue on making creations, and present give back program to the society. Galeries Lafayette strives to make a stand on its commitment to always give a chance for Indonesian art and creative to show their creations at the store where the spirit of Women of Influence are presented through the window display.

BRAVO MADAME! – Women of Influence will deliver inspiring activities through workshop, talkshow, animations, and other programs to invite Galeries Lafayette’s customers walking in the same stage.

With this event, Galeries Lafayette Jakarta and Women of Influence hope that Indonesian women will be motivated to create and bring Indonesia Internationally through fashion and art creation.


Audiences paying attention to the Women of Influence


Above: Atilah Soeryadjaya, HOPE – Janna Soekasah – Joesoef, Wulan Guritno, Amanda Soekasah, Ghea Panggabean, Mari Elka Pangestu, Poppy Dharsono, Susan Budihardjo Below: Henni Adli, Novita Yunus, Wulan Tilaar, Sendy Yusuf, Mariko Tampi, Natalia Sutrisno Tjahja


Window Display of HOPE

Window Display of Sendy Yusuf

Window Display of Sendy Yusuf


Rp 189.000 (Rp 25.000 donated to Yayasan Tunggadewi)


  Rp 100.000

Rp 100.000


As a form of support towards society, in collaboration with “Bracelet of Hope”, Galeries Lafayette pushes cancer message as our good cause initiative and
“Teddy Bear in Batik” by Alleira as a present to help the ones in need.